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TabletMagic 2.0b19

This release adds support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and Calcomp serial tablets. TabletMagic now requires a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.6.8, marking the end of support for all versions of Mac OS X before Snow Leopard.

Download TabletMagic2.0b19.zip (Zip Archive, 524 kB)

ChordCalc 1.4

I love my iPad, and now ChordCalc is on it! ChordCalc now features a full-screen interface for iPad and an enhanced interface for the spiffy new iPhone 5 / iPod 5g four-inch Retina displays. This release also includes iOS 6 support, improved Retina graphics, easier bracket resizing, a unified Circle tab, and many other fixes and improvements!

ChordCalc Lite 1.4

This release of ChordCalc Lite includes an enhanced interface for iPhone 5 and improved Retina graphics. Issues were fixed with the fretboard interface, loading hi-res graphics, and saving settings.

FretPet X 1.3.3

This is a bugfix release to address problems with the integrity of exported MIDI files. We've been using FretPet with the Alesis IO Dock and our favorite iPad synthesizers, and it's been a lot of fun. To make this experience better for everyone we're working on improved MIDI options and file export for one of our favorite new sequencers, SunVox!

Download FretPetX133.dmg (Disk Image, 4.23 MB)

FretPet X 1.3.2

This release fixes some critical issues, including a startup crash, problems with guitar tuning selection, Kagi registration, and "Interesting" console messages in Lion and Mountain Lion. This release is recommended for all users.

Download FretPetX132.dmg (Disk Image, 4.11 MB)

FretPet X 1.3.1

This maintenance release fixes an issue with reversed controls in 10.7 Lion and a minor bug in the animation code that may have caused application instability. We're hard at work on completely new and modern versions of FretPet for Mac and iPad, so stay tuned!

Download FretPetX131.dmg (Disk Image, 4.56 MB)

ChordCalc 1.3

In this release ChordCalc has received some nice enhancements, starting with Retina™ graphics and a redesigned guitar fretboard. The Chord Names chooser has been enhanced with scrolling, animation, and audio feedback. And last but not least, the Guitar now shows visual feedback when strumming chords.

ChordCalc Lite 1.3

In this release ChordCalc Lite gains enhanced graphics for the Retina™ display on the iPhone 4 and iPod 4th Gen., including a redesigned guitar fretboard. The chord name chooser has been enhanced with scrolling and animation. Last but not least, playback animation has been added to the guitar fretboard.

FretPet X 1.3

The classic guitar-based music sequencer just gained a few extra sounds. 98 additional GS Instruments are now available with the built-in DLS Synth. For this major update we've improved overall quality and stability and fixed issues with French and Italian localization. This release also fixes "Error -18077" which could appear with certain audio device drivers. And it works great in OS X Lion!

Download FretPetX130.dmg (Disk Image, 4.62 MB)

TabletMagic 2.0b18

This release is the first Universal build of TabletMagic, so System Preferences will no longer quit and reload when you open TabletMagic Preferences on a 64 bit system. It took a little while, but TM finally has Mouse Mode with scaling. This version of TabletMagic requires a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.4, marking the end of our support for all versions of Mac OS X before Tiger. Forever beta!

Download TabletMagic2b18.dmg (Disk Image, 771 kB)

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