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TabletMagic 2.0b18

This release is the first Universal build of TabletMagic, so System Preferences will no longer quit and reload when you open TabletMagic Preferences on a 64 bit system. It took a little while, but TM finally has Mouse Mode with scaling. This version of TabletMagic requires a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.4, marking the end of our support for all versions of Mac OS X before Tiger. Forever beta!

Download TabletMagic2b18.dmg (Disk Image, 771 kB)

FBHandler 1.0

If you're keeping your Facebook contacts synced with the Mac OS X Address Book via GMail, MobileMe, or iPhone then you may have noticed some strange "Homepage" links in Address Book that don't do anything when you click on them. FBHandler is a tiny utility for Mac OS X that makes these "fb://" links open the contact's Facebook Profile in your default browser.

Download FBHandler100.zip (Zip Archive, 171 kB)


FBHandler activates the <strong>fb://</strong> links that can appear in your Address Book contacts after synchronizing with Facebook.

ChordCalc Lite 1.1.1

Took the time to audit the chord naming code by feeding the output back into the input, discovering 168 errors that got past previous inspections. Now 100% compliant and in sync with FretPet 1.2.5.

ImagesForever 1.7.1

ImagesForever 1.7.1 fixes a cosmetic issue with the transparency background.

Download imagesforever-1.7.1.zip (Zip Archive, 368 kB)

ImagesForever 1.7

ImagesForever 1.7 is a maintenance update to bring ImagesForever up to speed with changes in the Google Image search page.

Download imagesforever-1.7.zip (Zip Archive, 370 kB)

ImagesForever 1.6

ImagesForever 1.6 is a maintenance update to bring ImagesForever up to speed with changes in the Google Image search page.

Download imagesforever-1.6.zip (Zip Archive, 370 kB)

ChordCalc Lite 1.1

ChordCalc Lite now includes all the features of the full version of ChordCalc! The only difference is that ChordCalc Lite only includes Standard tuning, while the full version of ChordCalc includes 20 additional tunings at a low reasonable price!

ChordCalc Lite 1.0.2

This release adds audio feedback to the free version of ChordCalc.

ChordCalc Lite 1.0.1

This release brings the Lite version of ChordCalc into full parity with ChordCalc 1.0.4, with the most accurate chord notation, an extended keyboard with musical symbols, better highlighting on the Scale screen, and other enhancements.

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