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Thinking Ahead

Sorry if www.thinkyhead.com has been a little unstable lately! I've been making updates to the site but my day job leaves me less time to stress-test my improvements. Parts of the site have been displaying the wrong page content, but it's fixed now! Read further for more timely announcements and a little personalized blogging for a change.

FretPet X 1.3.3

This is a bugfix release to address problems with the integrity of exported MIDI files. We've been using FretPet with the Alesis IO Dock and our favorite iPad synthesizers, and it's been a lot of fun. To make this experience better for everyone we're working on improved MIDI options and file export for one of our favorite new sequencers, SunVox!

Download FretPetX133.dmg (Disk Image, 4.23 MB)

FretPet X 1.3.2

This release fixes some critical issues, including a startup crash, problems with guitar tuning selection, Kagi registration, and "Interesting" console messages in Lion and Mountain Lion. This release is recommended for all users.

Download FretPetX132.dmg (Disk Image, 4.11 MB)

FretPet X 1.3.1

This maintenance release fixes an issue with reversed controls in 10.7 Lion and a minor bug in the animation code that may have caused application instability. We're hard at work on completely new and modern versions of FretPet for Mac and iPad, so stay tuned!

Download FretPetX131.dmg (Disk Image, 4.56 MB)

FretPet X 1.3

The classic guitar-based music sequencer just gained a few extra sounds. 98 additional GS Instruments are now available with the built-in DLS Synth. For this major update we've improved overall quality and stability and fixed issues with French and Italian localization. This release also fixes "Error -18077" which could appear with certain audio device drivers. And it works great in OS X Lion!

Download FretPetX130.dmg (Disk Image, 4.62 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.8

This update brings incremental improvement to this classic sequencer and restores support for some older Macs. If it used to bug you that playback animation was braking for dialogs, as of this version playback and animation continue no matter what else you're doing. We've been messing with our build settings again, so everything should feel a little more responsive.

Download FretPetX128.dmg (Disk Image, 4.44 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.7

This update fixes a couple of issues including a crashing bug, and is recommended for everyone. If you downloaded the Mac App Store version of FretPet you should use the App Store application to update to the latest version. The shareware version can still be downloaded here, and features the same new low price of just $9.99.

Download FretPetX127.dmg (Disk Image, 4.55 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.6

FretPet is now available on the Mac App Store at the new low price of $9.99. The download version can still be purchased through Kagi Shareware also at $9.99. This is the ultimate version of your favorite guitar-based Mac music sequencer!

Download FretPetX126.dmg (Disk Image, 4.68 MB)

Rhymes of an Hour

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This is the first rough mix of a song by Mazzy Star that I like. It's a straightforward cover recorded and mixed with GarageBand. FretPet supplied a stand-in for the guitar part that was replaced with an acoustic guitar for the final mix. Synth parts were played through GarageBand with the trusty Oxygen 8. Vocal parts were layered and effected in GarageBand.

Underwater Romance

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And now for something completely peaceful... Imagine a patch of blue ocean bejeweled by acres of pulsating jellyfish. As they are carried along by the current they seem to dance. It's a kind of romance... if you can see it askance. If you listen to enough of my music you'll begin to see I have a special fondness for the number 3. It applies to the underlying melody (played on my trusty Oxygen 8 into GB) as much as it applies to the main theme, generated by the FP guitar sequencer.

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