Thinkyhead's Products

iPhone Apps

ChordCalc is a calculator utility for guitar chords with the same interactive guitar fretboard as FretPet X. In the world of iPhone apps, its ability to name and identify chords on the fretboard is second-to-none.
ChordCalc Lite
ChordCalc Lite is the free version of ChordCalc, showcasing all the features of the full version, but limited to Standard Tuning in the Guitar Tab.


FretPet X
FretPet X is a guitar-based sequencer, composer, and reference tool with a colorful, dynamic interface. FretPet X has loads of enhancements over FretPet Classic, including better graphics, improved ease-of-use, and full support for the MIDI features of Mac OS X. We love using FretPet with GarageBand and Absynth, and we think you will too!

Open Source

TabletMagic 2
Wacom doesn't support "obsolete" serial tablet models like the PenPartner and ArtZ-II in Mac OS X. But don't throw your serial tablet away just yet! TabletMagic is an Open Source driver and preference pane that allows Wacom serial tablets to work in Mac OS X.
BSD Fortune
The venerable command-line fortune program. I didn't write it, I just tweaked it and packaged it up nice for Mac OS X. Click here for more information.


They say the best things in life are free. I don't know if these works are the best things in life, but if they're not, well at least they're free.

MacFrotz is an enhanced shell for playing Interactive Fiction games (such as the classic Infocom adventures). Long before games like Everquest and Warcraft came into being, there were programs called "text adventures" that people played with an archaic device called a "keyboard." Revisit your favorite classic games like Zork and Deadline and discover the exciting world of Interactive Fiction going on today.


Widgets are really amazing things. I plan to make many of them.

ImagesForever is a Google Image Search widget that brings randomness and excitement to the realm of search technology. It's cool, it's fun, and it's free!
Vegan Radio Podcast
Vegan Radio is a bi-weekly radio show that promotes health, compassion, and ethical living. Every two weeks I and my co-hosts Derek Goodwin and Megan Shackelford present a full hour of news, interviews, music, and occasional irreverence. Vegan Radio is produced here in Northampton, MA, for the local community station Valley Free Radio • WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM.