Version 1.4.2 is here! Check out the Release Notes for more info.

ChordCalc is a calculator-like utility for chords. It includes an interactive guitar fretboard and 3 other interfaces for quickly building chords and performing common chord operations like adding extensions, transposing to other keys, and harmonizing within scales.

ChordCalc has several views that put chords in perspective by presenting them in the context of keys and scales. The Chord palette shows chord tones and chord names in a calculator style. The Scale palette highlights chord tones inside one of several scales. You can drag a chord up and down through keys to transpose it, or drag it across to move through the scale harmonies. The Circle palette provides an alternative means to transpose and harmonize within the current key and scale.

The Guitar palette is an intelligent fretboard that can name and identify any chord you throw at it. While some guitar apps include a pre-defined chord library and fingerings, ChordCalc emphasizes freedom, allowing you to toggle tones and build fingerings at any position on the fretboard. Using the Fret Bracket you can choose a range of frets and ChordCalc will calculate a new fingering in realtime.

Features Summary

  • Enter chords by name
  • View and select from among 11 other names for the chord
  • Build chords from tones, functions, or stacked intervals
  • Modify chords in relation to modes, scales, and keys
  • See how a chord fits into all 12 keys simultaneously
  • View and edit chords by toggling tones in the Circle of 5ths or Semitones
  • Harmonize chords in the Circle of Harmonies
  • View and edit chords on a piano interface
  • Toggle tones on the guitar fretboard to build and identify chords
  • Slide and resize a bracketed region of the fretboard to auto-generate fingerings
  • View chord fingerings in more than 20 tunings including New Standard Tuning
  • Strum fingered chords to hear how they will sound on a real instrument
  • View tones accurately or turn on "Loose Tone Naming" to hide doubled flats/sharps.

More great features are planned, so stay tuned!