TabletMagic 2.0b18

Download TabletMagic2b18.dmg (Disk Image, 771 kB)
Download the DMG, open it, and run the included installer.

Release Notes

This release is the first Universal build of TabletMagic, so System Preferences will no longer quit and reload when you open TabletMagic Preferences on a 64 bit system. It took a little while, but TM finally has Mouse Mode with scaling. This version of TabletMagic requires a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.4, marking the end of our support for all versions of Mac OS X before Tiger. Forever beta!

  • Universal build (no more System Prefs restart)
  • Added mouse mode with scaling to the Mapping panel
  • Now handles WACF009 properly
  • Changes to the XCode project for XCode 3 and 4
  • Wider layout in the Preference Pane
  • Added an experimental "Smoothing" option
  • New Preference Pane icon
  • Heading graphic donated by November Echo Design