Comment Revisions Drupal Module

Drupal provides a simple revision system that applies to all content types, but it doesn't extend to comments. The Comment Revisions Drupal module fills that need, providing a full-featured revision system for comments. With revisions, comments become more suitable for use in forums and other kinds of threaded discussion where editing replies can break continuity. Features include:

  • Option for automatic transparent revisions
  • Option to be able to choose whether to create revisions
  • View, revert, and delete comment revisions
  • Optional log message with each revision
  • Configurable limits on number of revisions stored

Planned features include:

  • Option to show 'last edited' on comments.
  • Option to show 'reason for editing' on comments.
  • Simplified option, to behave more like node revisions.
  • Automatic integration with diff, when enabled
  • Permission option to edit log messages

Get it now!

You can find more information and the latest version of the module at the Comment Revisions project page at