BSD Fortune

BSD Fortune 1.4

BSD Fortune is a little command line program that prints a random fortune. This package includes the source code and requires a little bit of command-line magic to install and use. Compare to the Fortune Drupal module which is based directly on this program.

Download Fortune14.dmg (Disk Image, 4.29 MB)

BSD Fortune 1.3

Download Fortune13.dmg (Disk Image, 3.55 MB)


FBHandler 2.0.1

If you use Facebook on your Mac and iOS devices you should find FBHandler useful. It activates those useless "fb://" links that show up in Address Book. (For example my link is fb://profile/1026195398) Version 2.0.1 fixes the auto-launch menu option's behavior.

Download (Zip Archive, 164 kB)

FBHandler 2.0

If you use Facebook on your Mac and iOS devices you should find FBHandler useful. It activates those useless "fb://" links that show up in Address Book. (For example my link is fb://profile/1026195398) Version 2.0 adds a menubar icon and a quit option in response to user requests (and from professional reviewers, no less).

Download (Zip Archive, 164 kB)

FBHandler 1.0

If you're keeping your Facebook contacts synced with the Mac OS X Address Book via GMail, MobileMe, or iPhone then you may have noticed some strange "Homepage" links in Address Book that don't do anything when you click on them. FBHandler is a tiny utility for Mac OS X that makes these "fb://" links open the contact's Facebook Profile in your default browser.

Download (Zip Archive, 171 kB)

FretPet X

FretPet X 1.3.3

This is a bugfix release to address problems with the integrity of exported MIDI files. We've been using FretPet with the Alesis IO Dock and our favorite iPad synthesizers, and it's been a lot of fun. To make this experience better for everyone we're working on improved MIDI options and file export for one of our favorite new sequencers, SunVox!

Download FretPetX133.dmg (Disk Image, 4.23 MB)

FretPet X 1.3.2

This release fixes some critical issues, including a startup crash, problems with guitar tuning selection, Kagi registration, and "Interesting" console messages in Lion and Mountain Lion. This release is recommended for all users.

Download FretPetX132.dmg (Disk Image, 4.11 MB)

FretPet X 1.3.1

This maintenance release fixes an issue with reversed controls in 10.7 Lion and a minor bug in the animation code that may have caused application instability. We're hard at work on completely new and modern versions of FretPet for Mac and iPad, so stay tuned!

Download FretPetX131.dmg (Disk Image, 4.56 MB)

FretPet X 1.3

The classic guitar-based music sequencer just gained a few extra sounds. 98 additional GS Instruments are now available with the built-in DLS Synth. For this major update we've improved overall quality and stability and fixed issues with French and Italian localization. This release also fixes "Error -18077" which could appear with certain audio device drivers. And it works great in OS X Lion!

Download FretPetX130.dmg (Disk Image, 4.62 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.8

This update brings incremental improvement to this classic sequencer and restores support for some older Macs. If it used to bug you that playback animation was braking for dialogs, as of this version playback and animation continue no matter what else you're doing. We've been messing with our build settings again, so everything should feel a little more responsive.

Download FretPetX128.dmg (Disk Image, 4.44 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.7

This update fixes a couple of issues including a crashing bug, and is recommended for everyone. If you downloaded the Mac App Store version of FretPet you should use the App Store application to update to the latest version. The shareware version can still be downloaded here, and features the same new low price of just $9.99.

Download FretPetX127.dmg (Disk Image, 4.55 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.6

FretPet is now available on the Mac App Store at the new low price of $9.99. The download version can still be purchased through Kagi Shareware also at $9.99. This is the ultimate version of your favorite guitar-based Mac music sequencer!

Download FretPetX126.dmg (Disk Image, 4.68 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.5

This update is the first with 100% reliable chord naming, bringing FretPet into parity with ChordCalc 1.1.1. The chord naming code was audited (by feeding its output into the name input of ChordCalc and comparing the result to the original chord). Two issues affecting certain 13th chords were discovered and patched.

Download FretPetX125.dmg (Disk Image, 4.58 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.4

FretPet 1.2.4 adds keyboard shortcuts to the Filters menu, fixes an issue with playback being interrupted by menus, and now includes Sparkle to automatic check the internet for version updates. Also fixed Kagi Registration module connection problem.

Download FretPetX124.dmg (Disk Image, 4.68 MB)

FretPet X 1.2.3

Recent scrutiny of ChordCalc's notation code continues to push FretPet forward. This update brings FretPet's chord notation up to par with ChordCalc 1.0.3.

Download FretPetX123.dmg (Disk Image, 4.68 MB)


ImagesForever 1.10

This maintenance release accounts for the January 2012 Google Image search update. Note that if you're running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, ImageForever will change the Dashboard background rather than the desktop background - which makes a crazy kind of sense.

Download (Zip Archive, 486 kB)

ImagesForever 1.9

This release keeps up with the latest changes at Google, fixes bugs, and defeats Chuck Norris. If you're running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, you can now use ImageForever to change your Dashboard background. Name another widget that can do that!

Download (Zip Archive, 486 kB)

ImagesForever 1.8

July 2011 brings you another mutation of the niftiest Dashboard widget ever conceived, ImagesForever! So once again you can find the images you didn't know you were looking for!

Download (Zip Archive, 493 kB)

ImagesForever 1.7.1

ImagesForever 1.7.1 fixes a cosmetic issue with the transparency background.

Download (Zip Archive, 368 kB)

ImagesForever 1.7

ImagesForever 1.7 is a maintenance update to bring ImagesForever up to speed with changes in the Google Image search page.

Download (Zip Archive, 370 kB)

ImagesForever 1.6

ImagesForever 1.6 is a maintenance update to bring ImagesForever up to speed with changes in the Google Image search page.

Download (Zip Archive, 370 kB)

ImagesForever 1.5

Download (Zip Archive, 427 kB)

ImagesForever 3.9 (Yahoo Widget Engine)

Download ImagesForever39.dmg (Disk Image, 264 kB)


MacFrotz 1.0b7

Revisit all the old Scott Adams and Infocom text adventures you know and love, then discover thousands more "interactive fiction" titles with this self-contained adventure game front-end. Includes cool features like game history and available exit display in a floating palette, plus the ability to run multiple games at once, load and save games, and more!

Download MacFrotz1b7.dmg (Disk Image, 1.44 MB)


TabletMagic 2.0b20

This release fixes a problem with the mapping of buttons to double-click events and includes signed helper and preference pane binaries. Compatible with Mountain Lion and the upcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

Download (Zip Archive, 524 kB)

TabletMagic 2.0b19

This release adds support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and Calcomp serial tablets. TabletMagic now requires a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.6.8, marking the end of support for all versions of Mac OS X before Snow Leopard.

Download (Zip Archive, 524 kB)

TabletMagic 2.0b18

This release is the first Universal build of TabletMagic, so System Preferences will no longer quit and reload when you open TabletMagic Preferences on a 64 bit system. It took a little while, but TM finally has Mouse Mode with scaling. This version of TabletMagic requires a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.4, marking the end of our support for all versions of Mac OS X before Tiger. Forever beta!

Download TabletMagic2b18.dmg (Disk Image, 771 kB)

Vegan Radio

Vegan Radio Dashboard Widget 2.0

We've updated the appearance of the Vegan Radio widget to match the revamped design of Vegan Radio. And we used the latest Dashcode for optimal performance. Download the Vegan Radio widget for your Mac today and get inspired for positive change!

Download (Zip Archive, 325 kB)

Vegan Radio Widget

Download (Zip Archive, 228 kB)