the user manual

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Where To Begin?

Be sure to read the Tutorial first. There you'll take a quick tour of the FretPet interface and build a simple progression and picking pattern. This way you can experience some immediately pleasing results and get primed to start experimenting. Once you've got the hang of things you can return to the manual and read over the rest at your leisure.

This manual uses blue hyperlinks to refer to other areas of the manual text, while bold green links refer to definitions in the Glossary.

Menu Commands

Green Highlighted Text indicates a menu command. For example, File → New means the New command in the File menu. FretPet → Preferences represents the Preferences command in the menu labeled FretPet.


Yellow Note boxes provide additional tips or warnings about the current topic.

Special Symbols

Special symbols are used as a shorthand to represent modifiers and other special keys throughout the manual. These symbols should be familiar once you've used the Mac for a while. Refer to the reference in the left-margin if you forget what one of these symbols means.

  • ⇧ Shift
  • ⌃ Control
  • ⌥ Option / Alt
  • ⌘ Command
  • ⌫ Delete (Backspace)
  • ⌦ Forward Delete