FretPet X 1.3

Download FretPetX130.dmg (Disk Image, 4.62 MB)
Copy the contents of the Disk Image to your hard drive to install FretPet.

Release Notes

The classic guitar-based music sequencer just gained a few extra sounds. 98 additional GS Instruments are now available with the built-in DLS Synth. For this major update we've improved overall quality and stability and fixed issues with French and Italian localization. This release also fixes "Error -18077" which could appear with certain audio device drivers. And it works great in OS X Lion!

  • Added startup test for a QuickTime conflict (-18077)
  • Replaced QuickTime Note Player with AU Synth
  • Added support for the 98 built-in GS instruments
  • Fixed UI issues with Channels Palette
  • Updated French and Italian translations
  • Fixed UI issues in French & Italian interfaces
  • Improved support for scroll wheels and trackpads
  • Instrument controls wrap when scrolled/tracked