Drupal Fortune Module

The Fortune Module provides a genuine, 100%, unadulterated Fortune block for your Drupal website. It simply reads and displays the standard fortune cookie files that you can find in various places on the internet. (Fortune files are plain Unix ASCII text files that simply have a percent sign [%] on a line by itself between entries.)

The Fortune module includes a simple configuration form to select which fortunes will be randomly displayed, to upload new fortune files, and to delete unwanted fortunes.

Get the module at the Drupal Fortune project page

Fortune Module Demo:

=== ALL USERS PLEASE NOTE ======================== CAR and CDR now return extra values. The function CAR now returns two values. Since it has to go to the trouble to figure out if the object is carcdr-able anyway, we figured you might as well get both halves at once. For example, the following code shows how to destructure a cons (SOME-CONS) into its two slots (THE-CAR and THE-CDR): (MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND (THE-CAR THE-CDR) (CAR SOME-CONS) ...) For symmetry with CAR, CDR returns a second value which is the CAR of the object. In a related change, the functions MAKE-ARRAY and CONS have been fixed so they don't allocate any storage except on the stack. This should hopefully help people who don't like using the garbage collector because it cold boots the machine so often.