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ChordCalc 1.4.2

This ChordCalc release includes some nice improvements,especially for iPad. The Scale Heading now displays dots to indicate intervals between scale steps, and a cosmetic issue with scale swiping on iPhone/iPod has been fixed. The iPad version now includes a Help overlay describing each part of the interface. Also on iPad, the behavior of Lefty-Righty and Reverse Strings is more consistent.

ChordCalc 1.4.1

In this minor release the "Loose Note Naming" behavior has been reverted, so that only accidentals are simplified. Scale tones will keep the same sharp and flat notations. "Loose Note Naming" is now OFF by default to prevent unwary users from posting bad reviews because "the notation is wrong." You will now need to re-enable "Loose Note Naming" if you like it. We also fixed a display bug on iPad when the root note was moved to a new key in the Scale control.

ChordCalc 1.4

I love my iPad, and now ChordCalc is on it! ChordCalc now features a full-screen interface for iPad and an enhanced interface for the spiffy new iPhone 5 / iPod 5g four-inch Retina displays. This release also includes iOS 6 support, improved Retina graphics, easier bracket resizing, a unified Circle tab, and many other fixes and improvements!

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