Smooth Javascript Image Zooming For Your Web Pages

FancyZoom is a Javascript to zoom images inline. It was originally written by Cabel Sasser for his personal blog, and later rolled out to the Panic website and used for screenshots. I've been working on the script to polish it up and make it more robust, and now it's available as a module for you to use on your Drupal website!

Try It Now…

FancyZoom Commercial License

FancyZoom is free for non-commercial use. Commercial use requires a one-time license fee. Zoom on over to the FancyZoom website for details!

The FancyZoom Drupal Module

The FancyZoom Drupal Module makes it easy to add fancy image zooming to your Drupal website. The module uses a custom JQuery version of FancyZoom to keep the script small, fast, and cross-browser compatible. And you can use the provided settings form to customize FancyZoom. Change the shadow color or remove it altogether. Change the zooming speed. Show or hide the close box. And more!

Installation Instructions

1. Download the FancyZoom Drupal Module.

2. Copy the module to the appropriate modules folder of your Drupal site (sites/all/modules, sites/default/modules or sites/

3. Download the customized FancyZoom package only available here...

Download FancyZoom Module Javascript (Zipped Tarball, 54K)

4. Expand the archive, and drop the "fancyzoom" script folder into your sites/*/libraries folder on your webserver. You can also install the script folder directly into the fancyzoom module folder, if you prefer, but this is not recommended.

5. If you have an earlier version of FancyZoom installed don't forget to run update.php!

6. Visit the FancyZoom settings page on your Drupal site at admin/settings/fancyzoom (D5-D6) or config/media/fancyzoom (D7+) and customize the settings to fit your site.