ChordCalc 1.4

I love my iPad, and now ChordCalc is on it! ChordCalc now features a full-screen interface for iPad and an enhanced interface for the spiffy new iPhone 5 / iPod 5g four-inch Retina displays. This release also includes iOS 6 support, improved Retina graphics, easier bracket resizing, a unified Circle tab, and many other fixes and improvements!

Get it at the iTunes App Store!

Release Notes

  • Now a Universal app with support for iPad
  • Added support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6
  • New Retina graphics
  • Unified Circle tab on iPad and iPhone 5
  • Removed the little piano on 4" devices
  • Fixed a fretboard touch-drag issue
  • Enlarged bracket end grips
  • Piano removed on iPhone 5 only
  • Fixed a Settings issue
  • "Loose Tone Naming" now also affects non-accidentals