What is MacFrotz?

MacFrotz is a front-end for the dFrotz interactive fiction engine that runs specially-compiled Z-Code fiction files. With MacFrotz you can play the classic Scott Adams Adventures, all the classic Infocom adventures like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Planetfall, and Deadline, and a vast library of interactive fiction you've never heard of before. All you need is some Z-Code files.

Smart Input

Text adventures grew up on teletypes and VDTs so the interface is very sparse; typically a screen of text with a blinking cursor. Infocom adventures, with few exceptions, stick to this pure aesthetic. However much current interactive fiction combines text input, single-key prompts, and in-game menus. MacFrotz has an intelligent input system that prompts for the appropriate input.

Your Inventory

MacFrotz includes several enhancements to aid the intrepid adventurer.

Shortcuts for common commands are included as menu items and buttons. Load and save games through standard Mac OS X file dialogs.
A history list remembers your locations and actions. Click on any point in the history to revisit the scene of the crime.
Directional buttons make it easier to run mazes. For Scott Adams style adventures - those that take two word commands - MacFrotz highlights the available exits.
The appearance of the MacFrotz game window is fully customizable. And yes, you can have dozens of game windows open at the same time - priceless when you really need it.

Sources of Fiction

If you've never played an Interactive Fiction (IF) game you've got a whole new world of discovery ahead of you! Even today there are several authors creating new works of interactive fiction. While many still mimic the style and settings of Zork there are a great number of unique and innovative adventures that delve more deeply into character and plot. Sites devoted to interactive fiction are popping up all over the internet. MacFrotz can run most of these games.

Interactive Fiction Sites

Some Notable Titles