Donating to TabletMagic

The TabletMagic Project is a solo open source initiative. I rely entirely on your donations to keep the project going. Please consider donating some money to express your gratitude and to help make TabletMagic even better!

To support the TabletMagic project you can donate directly through PayPal using your PayPal account, a major credit card, or your bank debit card.

The TabletMagic Project

TabletMagic is Open Source Software released under the General Public License. Under the terms of the license, the source code is completely open. You are free to modify it under the Terms of the GPL and we encourage you to contribute your changes and enhancements to the TabletMagic Project hosted at GitHub.

Getting Involved

The TabletMagic Project needs your help. Become a project volunteer by contributing your hardware, testing time, or expertise. Do you own an ET, SD310E, SD311E, or any other unsupported serial tablets? Become a tester! Are you a Mac programmer? Join the project as a developer!

Visit the TabletMagic Project Page to get involved.