MacFrotz 1.0b7

Download MacFrotz1b7.dmg (Disk Image, 1.44 MB)
Download the Disk Image, open it, and copy its contents to your hard drive to install MacFrotz

Release Notes

Revisit all the old Scott Adams and Infocom text adventures you know and love, then discover thousands more "interactive fiction" titles with this self-contained adventure game front-end. Includes cool features like game history and available exit display in a floating palette, plus the ability to run multiple games at once, load and save games, and more!

MacFrotz is an old piece of software created in REALbasic. It may get an update one of these days! Meanwhile, the installation procedure is a little archaic.

After you've downloaded MacFrotz, copy the contents of the disk image to a new empty folder on your hard disk. MacFrotz and the engine folder must be in the same location for MacFrotz to work. (Hey whaddya want for free?)

MacFrotz doesn't come with any Interactive Fiction titles. Here are some good places to look for ZCODE files and other IF resources.