15 years in the making! A classic Mac application that magically unleashes hidden musical potential in anyone. Wanna play?

Red velvet, if you please.FretPet X

You have a chord on the guitar and want to know more about it.... You want to practice your timing but your metronome puts you to sleep.... You'd like to transpose a song into a different key... You've got GarageBand and now you want to compose music!.... You'd like to learn music theory but the books just sit there silently.... You're looking for just the right note to modify a chord.... You'd like to experiment with other tunings but don't know the fingerings.... FretPet can help!

vernon reed testimonialFretPet is a unique guitar-oriented music sequencer, an educational tool for learning music theory, a controller for software and external synthesizers, a reference for all things relating to notes, chords, keys, and scales. and an indispensible assistant for creating coherent musical compositions with ease.

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