App Store, Take Us To Warp 7!

Developers across the web are enthusiastically reporting that approval times for app updates at the iTunes App Store have suddenly become ultra fast. ChordCalc 1.0.4 itself was approved in less than 24 hours. Other reports at echo my experience.

wow, I uploaded my second update for Recruiter on the 22nd Dec, it just got approved a few minutes ago.
fast, faster, Apple? Today I uploaded two updates to iTunes Connect, and now both are in review...
Now I'm really surprised! Submitted the morning of December 28 and approved at about 7 o'clock the same night!
I don't know what they did during the time that iTunes Connect was down, but I'm liking it!
Something [definitely] changed. I submitted a new app late night the 28th, got an email this morning already in review. This is about 5 days quicker than my previous apps to get to ... review.
I think I have a new record
December 29, 2009 10:02 Waiting For Review
December 29, 2009 10:12 In Review

 Oh snap.

It looks like Apple has hired lots of extra reviewers and streamlined their procedures for updates. It's a big "Happy Holidays" to iPhone developers across the world tonight, and could be an even stronger indication that iSlate is real and soon to be coming to an Apple Store near you.

[UPDATE] January 2 and I'm still waiting for ChordCalc Lite to go into review mode after 3 days. Perhaps this was just a post-upgrade burst? More to come as details become available.