Guardian of the Humanoids

This game is currently in development for iOS and Android, but you can play it now online for free! For the best play experience, click on the game and press the space bar to go fullscreen!

Note: If your Unity Plugin is like mine you'll need to press the browser's reload button to get the game to play properly.

Got Chrome? The latest versions of Chrome do not support the Unity plugin. I will post a Chrome version soon, but meanwhile you'll have to use another browser to play GOTH.

Guardian of the Humanoids starts out as a faithful Defender clone, then adds enhancements made possible by Unity and today's fast graphics hardware. This project is in the early development stages and will be frequently gaining features, so check back often to see how it's coming along. Note that some options are not yet available, or may only appear on iOS and Android platforms.


Prevent DRONES from capturing HUMANOIDS by shooting them with your hyper-plasma laser. When Drones reach the top with captured Humanoids they become aggressive FREAKS. Catch dropped Humanoids and return them safely for extra points. Avoid MINES left in the wake of MINERS. Pulsing HUSKS release VEXERS when shot. Finish levels quickly or SAUCERS will show up to eliminate you for good.


[1/2] Start Game
[SPACE] Fullscreen
[P] Pause
[ESC] Quit

[ARROWS] Fly Ship
[Z] Laser
[X] Smart Weapon
[C] Hyperspace