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Ajaxify Your Drupal Site

Drupal sites are great looking and perform well due to smart caching. But out of the box they still rely on reloading whole pages for site navigation. There are a few modules for applying AJAX to different elements, but none of them fully serve the needs of so I rolled my own solution. Here's the code we use to make our Drupal-style menus load their content into the content region, which should be adaptable to any site. In the future we'll look at building a module out of this code.

One Javascript, Many Drupals…

Making one Javascript to support many versions of Drupal can be a real chore. Each release of Drupal uses different versions of jQuery, for one thing. Drupal behaviors haven't changed much between D7 and D8, but D6 is different, and D5 doesn't even have them. How can writers of Javascript libraries deal with all this diversity? Here are some snippets to help build scripts that can support D5 through D8. Why Drupal 5? Why not?!

OS X Random Color Terminal

Tabbed windows make it a lot easier to manage multiple fullscreen terminal sessions, but it isn't always easy to remember which tab is which. Here's a little Perl script that will set your Terminal background to a random color. Add it to your .login or .profile to make OS X Terminal just a little better!

Testing the world of code!

Now that I'm thinking more like a geek I might as well blog like one. So this is my test of "code" blocks. But not just any code block. An essential piece of Drupal that every Javascript library glue writer should adopt.

Thinking Ahead

Sorry if has been a little unstable lately! I've been making updates to the site but my day job leaves me less time to stress-test my improvements. Parts of the site have been displaying the wrong page content, but it's fixed now! Read further for more timely announcements and a little personalized blogging for a change.

TabletMagic 2.0b20

This release fixes a problem with the mapping of buttons to double-click events and includes signed helper and preference pane binaries. Compatible with Mountain Lion and the upcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks!

Download (Zip Archive, 524 kB)

ChordCalc 1.4.2

This ChordCalc release includes some nice improvements,especially for iPad. The Scale Heading now displays dots to indicate intervals between scale steps, and a cosmetic issue with scale swiping on iPhone/iPod has been fixed. The iPad version now includes a Help overlay describing each part of the interface. Also on iPad, the behavior of Lefty-Righty and Reverse Strings is more consistent.

ChordCalc Lite 1.4.2

ChordCalc Lite 1.4.2 incrementally improves everyone's favorite free chord calculator. The Scale Heading now displays dots to indicate intervals between scale steps, and a cosmetic issue with scale swiping on iPhone/iPod has been fixed.

TabletMagic 2.0b19

This release adds support for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and Calcomp serial tablets. TabletMagic now requires a minimum Mac OS X version of 10.6.8, marking the end of support for all versions of Mac OS X before Snow Leopard.

Download (Zip Archive, 524 kB)

ChordCalc 1.4.1

In this minor release the "Loose Note Naming" behavior has been reverted, so that only accidentals are simplified. Scale tones will keep the same sharp and flat notations. "Loose Note Naming" is now OFF by default to prevent unwary users from posting bad reviews because "the notation is wrong." You will now need to re-enable "Loose Note Naming" if you like it. We also fixed a display bug on iPad when the root note was moved to a new key in the Scale control.

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